Project Showcase


Do you like to tinker, hack, experiment, build kits or homebrew solutions?

Would you like to win a prize for your efforts?

Our third Project Showcase will be held during the hamfest on September 18th, 2021. The purpose of the showcase is to provide an opportunity for “builders” to share ideas and experiences with other hams. Everyone is invited to participate by bringing their favorite tweak, hack, kit or homebrew project. Sharing information about a project can be a great way to reinforce your knowledge while encouraging others to be creative and investigate how things work.

Additionally, it could be worthy of a prize. Each project and related presentation material will be evaluated by fellow hams based on the participant and their understanding of the project. All guests at the hamfest will be entrusted with choosing their top three (3) projects. Once the votes are counted, the best overall entries into the showcase will win a prize.

There are no additional entry forms or fees. The only requirement is that the project must be related to amateur radio.

If your thinking of participating, please let us know a little about your project by using the contact us form or by sending an email. It will help us ensure that we reserve enough space for all of the creativity.

See you in September!


A few ideas . . .

CW Keyer/Practice oscillator
Antenna (J-Poles, Dipoles, Moxons, Beams, Loop)
Power supply mods/conversions
Raspberry Pi/Arduino projects
Antenna Tuner
Go Boxes/Portable equipment setup
RF Filters
Antenna Launchers