ARRL Awards QSL Card Checking at SMARTSFEST

The ARRL field checking program provides League members the opportunity to have QSL cards for all ARRL awards checked locally without having to mail their cards to League headquarters in Newington.  Larry Menzel, W0PR, of Northfield MN is a DXCC Card Checker and is eligible to check cards for all ARRL awards: DXCC, VUCC, WAC and WAS.  Larry will join us for SMARTSFEST and can be found at the ARRL table. Complete information on the ARRL awards and Card Checking programs are on the League web site:



For WAC:

For WAS:

For further information on any ARRL awards and the application process, please contact your local DXCC card checker. Complete contact info can be found on the ARRL web site here: