Vendor Information

This is an Amateur Radio and electronics hobbyist event. We ask that all vendors respect this theme and only sell items related to these hobbies. If you are unsure whether your items would fit well within this theme please feel free to Contact Us and we can help advise you. If you have items to sell that are not directly related to these hobbies but you truly believe they would compliment this event we encourage you to also contact us before you register to confirm that association.

If you are a club or organization that only wants to promote yourself and offer information to SMARTSFEST patrons then we recommend you check out our Club Table option.

We strongly advise all vendors to pre-register as we cannot guarantee that there will be any space available to rent on the day of the event. Electricity access is also limited and all of the spaces with electricity may be sold out by the day of the event. If you have pre-registered for your vendor space please bring your printed E-tickets or have them ready to view on your mobile device. You must still check in at the main door before you set up.

Vendor setup begins at 7 am on the day of the event. Early birds will have to wait until 7 am to get access to the selling spaces. There might be some limited vendor setup time available for vendors on Friday evening – if you are interested in this please Contact Us and we will see what we can arrange. Be aware that we will not accept any liability for vendor property left overnight!

We ask that all vendors use the designated loading zones and access doors for all loading or unloading of merchandise or supplies. Once you have unloaded your items, please move your vehicle to the general parking area so that others may use the loading zone. There will be no parking in the loading zones and any vehicles left unattended for longer than 10 minutes may be subject to penalties. Use of Handicapped spaces for loading or unloading is strictly forbidden!

Electricity access is limited to those who have paid for that service. We cannot guarantee that you will have more than one outlet or that it will be located directly behind your sales space. Please, plan ahead and bring any extension cords or power strips that you may need.

If you would like to be located in a specific area or near a specific vendor or have any other special requests please contact us as soon as your registration is complete to make these arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests but we will not be able to make changes on the day of the event.

All indoor spaces will include one 8 foot table unless more tables were part of your paid vendor registration. Additional tables ordered will also be 8 foot tables unless other arrangements were made ahead of time. These tables are rented by SMARTS Radio Club for this event and we ask that you treat them with respect.

We ask all vendors to please keep their selling space neat and orderly. You will most likely be close to other vendors so please respect their space and keep all of your items, packaging and supplies within the space allotted to you. Vendors who have anything outside their assigned space are subject to being charged for that additional space as well.

All vendors must supply a completed Minnesota Form ST19 with a valid Minnesota Tax ID number or sign a statement that they are exempt from collecting taxes as outlined in Minnesota Statutes, section 297A.87, subdivision 2.

We do suggest that all vendors check this page periodically as some of this information may change before the event. We will make every effort to keep pre-registered vendors up to date on any changes but it is still a good idea to check back here occasionally.

The SMARTS Radio Club hosts this event as a fund raising project and because we enjoy visiting with all of you. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, feedback, questions or concerns. There is a contact us form on the right side of this page or you can find more contact information on our Contact Us page. PLEASE do not wait until the day of the event to ask a question or resolve an issue. SMARTSFEST will be a much more enjoyable event for everyone if we can work out all of the kinks beforehand.