Vendor Rules

No Tobacco, Fire Arms, Chemicals or anything that is considered illegal or dangerous by Local, State and/or Federal Rules and Guidelines may be sold or used at this event.

Vendors are required to use their assigned tables and/or space unless prior approval is given by the SMARTSFEST Team.

Vendors are not allowed to move or reconfigure rented tables without prior approval from the SMARTSFEST Team.

Vendor space and facilities including power and access to power is limited and on a first come first serve basis. The SMARTSFEST Team makes no guarantee of availability unless a prepaid reservation has been confirmed. Preregistration is strongly encouraged.

Vendors must supply their own extension cords and power strips. Any use of these items is subject to approval by the SMARTSFEST Team.

No tape, glue, or other adhesive is allowed on walls or rented tables.

Vendors will be charged for any damages to the facilities provided.

It is the responsibility of all vendors to keep their areas free of trash, debris or packing boxes.

NO VENDORS are allowed to leave any unsold items on SMARTSFEST grounds after event has been completed.

A minimum $200.00 clean-up fee will be charged to any seller or vendor leaving trash, debris or unsold items behind.

All loading and unloading will be done using designated areas and loading zones only. The use of FIRE EXITS or FIRE LANES for loading and unloading is NOT ALLOWED.

Blocking of the FIRE EXITS or FIRE LANES at any time is NOT PERMITTED.

All vendors are personally responsible for being in compliance with all local and state tax regulations.

Requests for refund must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the start date of the event and are subject to approval by the
SMARTSFEST Team. Refunds will be credited to the purchaser’s credit card or mailed by check no more than forty-five (45) days after the event.

All data and information collected is for the use of the SMARTSFEST Team and the sponsoring clubs only and will not be sold, traded or used in any other way.

The SMARTSFEST Team and SMARTS Radio Club:

  • Are not responsible for items that are lost or stolen. Please take reasonable precautions to protect your sales items.
  • Will assume no responsibility for any warranty or condition of items sold by vendors, exhibitors, or other participants.
  • Shall not be held liable for any injury to participants while attending the event.
  • Reserve all rights, including but not limited to adding/changing or revising the listed rules with little or no notification.

Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota Statutes, section 297A.87, subdivision 2, requires that before an operator of a flea market, craft show, antique show, coin show, stamp show, comic book show, convention exhibit area, or similar selling event can rent space to a person desiring to sell at the event, the operator must obtain evidence that the seller holds a valid sales tax permit, a written statement from the seller that no taxable items are being sold, or a written statement containing each of the following elements:

1. that the selling event is the only selling event that the seller will participate in for the calendar year;
2. that the seller will be participating in the selling event for three or fewer days;
3. that the seller will have less than $500 in gross receipts in the calendar year; and,
4. the seller’s name, address and telephone number.

Minnesota Statutes, section 289A.60, subdivision 17, imposes a penalty of $100 for each day of a selling event that the operator fails to obtain evidence that a seller holds a sales tax permit. If the operator fails to obtain evidence of a sales tax permit from any seller at an event, the Minnesota Department of Revenue will impose the penalty against the operator for each seller from whom the evidence was not obtained.

 Additional Information

Contact the SMARTSFEST Team for special pricing on 5 or more retail spaces.
• Purchase of Retail space required for discounted vendor admission.
• Retail and Club/Information space purchase includes the first table.
• Regular admission required for Club/Information space.
• Sales are not permitted from Club/Information tables.

• Comments, Questions or Concerns: ContactUs
Completed forms and advance payment can be mailed to: SMARTS Radio Club | 535 Concord Cir | Chaska, MN 55318